North Shore NHA Created His Path in Long-Term Care

In honor of National Long Term Care Administrator’s Week, we would like to highlight Jason Hellen, Executive Director of Court Manor Health Services in Ashland, WI. Jason has been part of the long term care community for nearly 20 years creating his path to Administrator when he started as a Certified Nursing Assistant. He jumped into the long term care field out of high school and quickly learned that providing care to those who once cared for others was incredibly rewarding.

Years later, Jason returned to school to obtain his nursing license as he felt he wanted to advance in his career and continue to care for his residents in another capacity. Jason has had the privilege of working with others in the provider community who helped blossom his career, including other CNAs, nurses and past NHAs, leaving a forever imprint on his heart. During his years working as a nurse, Jason felt he wanted to be a leader; and as a leader he wanted to build a team of other professionals to provide quality care to his community.

Jason became a Resident Care Management Director at Court Manor Health Services about a year ago, and then moved on to become Administrator of the building in November of 2019. He has found this to be a challenging role in an already challenging field of work. He has made it his goal to bring out the very best in his team. Jason focuses on recognizing the good in each team member and creating an environment of positive and passionate healthcare providers.

Jason says, “One important quality that I’ve held true to throughout my entire career is that I made a vow when I became a Licensed Nurse to never forget where I started. As an Executive Director, CNAs know they can grab me in the hall and ask me to help them with a transfer or to get a call light. As an Executive Director, my fellow nurses know they can come to me and ask me to help complete a medication pass or provide a direct nursing treatment. It’s a great feeling to be a Director, but to also work alongside your staff and be a part of your own team.”

What advice does Jason have for others looking to grow their career to become a leader in their center? Never stop learning. If you feel you want to build on your career, don’t be afraid to talk to your supervisors or coworkers who inspire you about your goals and aspirations. At North Shore, we believe the opportunities are endless! If you want to grow in your field, you can make it happen and we are here to support and encourage you to reach your goals.

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