Willowcrest Goes the Extra Mile to Help Transport Resident

Willowcrest Health Services resident Keith needed transportation to another North Shore center for further care, but his health and the traveling distance, made it difficult for transportation providers to accept him. Determined to help Keith, Willowcrest Executive Director Michael Jones decided he would drive Keith to the center himself.

Willowcrest employee Kim DeSalvo and Keith.

“There are things that come up that you just have to figure out and this was one of them,” he said. “It’s part of the job.”

Keith, 45, was admitted to Willowcrest in February after a bad fall put him in the hospital. After receiving therapy at Willowcrest, the decision was made to transfer him to Sturgeon Bay for further care and to be closer to home. Finding transportation proved to be challenging. Keith’s parents and other relatives were unable to transport him. Due to Keith’s medical condition and the 164-mile trek, finding an outside provider to drive Keith to Sturgeon Bay was impossible.

Keith reunited with his father.

Jones, who actually spent a few years as Executive Director at Sturgeon Bay, decided he would drive Keith to there. Keith’s parents were beyond thankful, to say the least.

On April 13, after almost two months at Willowcrest, Jones drove Keith to Sturgeon Bay. Keith was also reunited with his parents, whom he hadn’t seen since February. Jones said that in his three years at Willowcrest, this was one of the most unique situations he had encountered. Some would say Jones went above and beyond the call of duty – he would say, he just did his job for Keith’s family because they “are so kind, they make the job worthwhile.”

“Keith is a super nice guy and his parents, they are just the nicest people,” Jones said. “They were so grateful when I talked to them. There were some tears.”