Valentine’s Post Goes Viral with 70K Reaches and Nationwide Response

When Monroe Health Services asked the community to make Valentine’s Day memorable for their residents, they never imagined the incredible amount of love that would come pouring in.

On Feb. 1, 2022, Monroe Health shared photos of each resident holding up a sign with their name asking for a Valentine on their Facebook page.  In two days, the post had reached nearly 40,000 people, and by Feb. 14, that number had jumped to nearly 70,000 with 575 shares, 405 comments, and 1,936 reactions. As the Valentine gifts poured in, staff soon realized that their request had reached beyond the Monroe community.

Monroe Health Services residents asked the community to be their Valentine!

The Facebook post had gone viral and reached people in 12 states! Homemade cards, flowers, and candy hailed from Wisconsin, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Oregon, Missouri, Alaska, Washington, D.C., and Iowa. Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers even took the time to send notes to the residents!

“I just personally want to thank your staff for the opportunity to send your residents Valentine cards,” said Debra, whose daughter made Valentines for the residents. “My daughter was bummed because the school wouldn’t let (the students) bring Valentines to school so this was our opportunity when we saw this on Facebook and we live all the way in Iowa!”

Valentine cards from the community were received at Three Oaks Health Services.

Monroe Health Activity Director Melody Whipple said that the post office was amazed at the number of deliveries they made to the center. “Our residents couldn’t believe this many cards were coming to their rooms all week long,” she said. “It was truly a gift of kindness.”

Monroe Health was not the only North Shore Healthcare assisted living and long-term skilled nursing center to be graced with the kindness of strangers during Valentine’s Day. Cornell Health Services, Court Manor Health Services, Tomahawk Health Services, River’s Bend Health Services, Morningside Health Services, Maple Ridge Health Services, and Wausau Manor Health Services were just a few others that received Valentine gifts from the community.

Monroe Health Services Valentine’s request on Facebook brought in responses from 12 states!

Three Oaks Health Services received Valentine’s from schools, churches, and the local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) chapter.

“When we focus on our gratitude, whether that be from our families, friends or caregivers, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in,” said Katherine Casey, Executive Director at Three Oaks Health. “That’s what Valentine’s Day (as well as many other days here) are like for the residents whom experience an outpouring of love from their caregivers, staff, community members, friends and families.” 

Individuals, families, and organizations, such as St. Croix Central School District, donated flowers, cards, and chocolates to the Hammond Health Services residents for Valentine’s Day.

“Time and time again, our community comes forward to support our residents,” said Laurie Edelman, Executive Director at Hammond Health. “It’s beautiful to witness the smiles from our residents when they see that people truly care. It absolutely warms my heart.”