Sherry Makes a Difference in Her Residents Lives Through Smiles

Sherry Soehlig has been working in long-term care for over 20 years. It all started after she graduated from Winona State University with her bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation.

Sherry recalls, “There was no doubt in my mind that my career path was long-term care, working with the elderly population.” She finds that this population of people have so much to share with younger generations and have a deep appreciation for what the Life Enrichment staff do for them daily.

“Nothing brightens my day more than seeing a dementia patient, who normally does not open her eyes, watch the birds in the aviary during sensory time.” 

Sherry loves to hear the laughter from her residents on beach day, when she dresses up wearing a Hawaiian shirt with frog floaties, goggles, a snorkel and fins on her feet! She goes the extra mile to get those simple smiles, and the thank you she hears goes a long way. Although Sherry loves her job, it is not always easy. She advises those that are interested to remember that there is a lot of personal and work time to get together what goes on behind the scenes.

“The most important rule I follow is to remember that our job is to make residents happy and always keep in contact with them for suggestions,” says Sherry. She believes that you do not have to have elaborate activity programs to do your job well, because sometimes contentment is as simple as spending time watching TV or doing word puzzles.

“I will continue to take pride in what I do, keeping residents happy with God guiding the way!”