Respiratory and Ventilator Care

Breathe easy, We are here for you.

Our Respiratory and Ventilator Care program is focused on residents with heart and lung conditions. Our highly trained Respiratory Therapists are here to help treat and manage breathing complications. Our program offers resident-centered support including:

  • Licensed Respiratory Therapists
  • Established Respiratory Policy and Procedures
  • Pulmonary Specialty Programs - Pulmonary Focus, Sleep Diagnostics, Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Care Plan Development
  • Setup of Respiratory Equipment (BiPAP, CPAP, Trach, etc.)
  • An environment dedicated to your respiratory needs

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Information for your healthcare provider to assist with admission

Admission Criteria
  • Hemodynamically stable
  • Ventilator program manager review
  • Types of ventilation:
    • Volume Assist/Control
    • Pressure Assist/Control
    • PS
    • SIMV
    • Peep < 10 cmH20
  • Oxygen requirements
    • Fio2 50% max