North Shore Healthcare Welcomes New Chief Operating Officer

Darren Gee, the new Chief Operating Officer for North Shore Healthcare, is all about building relationships.

Darren Gee

You will find him in the field, visiting North Shore’s skilled nursing centers and assisted living centers throughout Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and North Dakota, on a regular basis. You will see him interacting with the staff and residents in their communities, ensuring all facets of the center are in order, from the structure of the buildings to the quality of resident care to the comradery of the staff.

For Gee, it is important to know North Shore’s centers inside and out, and you simply can’t do that sitting behind a desk all the time.

“Everything we do, everything I have been involved in in the past 30 years … it’s a people business,” said Gee, who previously lived in Michigan before moving to Wisconsin. “That’s the reason why I have been successful, because I focused on the people. No matter what level, no matter what they do – whether they work in housekeeping and laundry or are a Director of Nursing or Executive Director – I like to get to know people. The more you expose yourself to people, the more they build that relationship with you.”

A few fun facts about Darren Gee

A graduate of Northeastern State University in Oklahoma, Darren received his Bachelor of Science in Health and Human Performance. He has held progressively advanced positions in the long-term care provider community that include Director of Operations for Cornerstone Healthcare in Arkansas, Vice President of Sava Senior Care in Georgia, and Chief Operating Officer of SLC Professionals Capital Funding in Maryland.

Most recently, Darren served as Chief Development Officer for Prestige Healthcare, a leading provider of long-term skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation solutions in Kentucky. Additionally, he was Chief Executive Officer at Everest Management Solutions, a company which helps long-term care and senior housing facilities find ways to stay open, reach peak performance, and improve patient care.

Darren has directed most areas of long-term care in his previous positions that have included extensive financial services oversight, strategic sales and marketing, mergers and acquisitions, as well as operational supervision.

“With Darren’s proven success in leading multi-facility operations, along with his passion for being a hands-on operator, prioritizing being present in our centers supporting our staff and residents’ needs, I look forward to the impact Darren will have on moving North Shore forward,” said David Mills, Chief Executive Officer of North Shore.