North Shore Centers Help Residents Displaced by Fire

Two North Shore Healthcare centers in Shawano, Wisconsin came together to assist residents who had been displaced from another assisted living facility after a fire occurred.

North Shore centers came together to help residents displaced by a fire in a Shawano-based assisted living facility.

Birch Hill Health Services received a call at 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 24 that a local assisted living facility had 10 residents that needed immediate placement. By 5 p.m., eight of the residents had begun being admitted to Birch Hill and Evergreen Health Services. The other two residents found shelter elsewhere. Shawano Health Services did not admit any residents but were part of the conversation to assist if needed.

Some residents managed to grab their belongings, but others did not. The centers made sure the residents were provided with clothing and anything else they needed. Cheryl Jashinsky, Executive Director at Birch Hill Health, said the staff came together to ensure the residents received the best care possible.

“Managers stayed over in the facility,” Jashinsky said. “Our Social Services Director spent time with each resident to make sure they felt comfortable and safe. The Director of Nursing was there too checking on the residents. The staff were just tremendously devoted. I can’t say enough about them.”

Nora Leisner, Executive Director at Evergreen Health, said her devoted staff came together to display their dedication to all community residents.

“Many Evergreen employees put a pause on a Friday evening to welcome displaced residents with compassion and empathy, assuring their comfort and safety,” she said. “Their heartfelt display is noticed by all.”

Some of the residents have already been able to return to the assisted living facility. North Shore is proud of how the Shawano centers came together to give back to their community and ensure the residents were safe, secure, and comfortable until they could return home.