LTC Leaders on the Rise: Nicole Fraser

North Shore Healthcare is pleased to partner with University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC) Health Care Administration (HCAD) program. HCAD offers seniors the opportunity to participate in a full-time, 12-month administrative residency to provide further insight into the field and connect what they learned in the classroom to what’s happening in the real world. Our blog series, “LTC Leaders on the Rise,” will give you the opportunity to meet HCAD seniors whose residency is at a North Shore center and how the experience will help shape their future career.

Nicole Fraser

Nicole Fraser is currently serving as an Administrator in Training at Lake Country Health Services in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. Fraser began working at Lake Country Health in June 2021 and will complete her residency and graduate from UWEC this month (May 2022).

Why did you decide to study Health Care Administration?

I chose Health Care Administration because I wanted to be able to help people. I knew that nursing was not for me so when I learned about Eau Claire’s HCAD program I fell in love and realized it was the perfect fit for me. I am able to empower others, care for people and continue to learn and grow as an individual! 

How has the experience been at Lake Country Health Services?

My experience with North Shore has been wonderful, I have felt like I am part of the team and a valued employee within the company. The opportunities and open communication have given me an opportunity to learn all I can before I run my own building. North Shore welcomed me with open arms and want their employees to feel valued and supported. 

What have you enjoyed most about working at Lake Country Health Services?

My favorite part about working in a North Shore building is the opportunity to learn from other centers. With a huge group of buildings, I am able to see how different areas of the Midwest and sizes of buildings are run and get ideas from them. 

How do you think this experience will help you complete your goals after graduation?

North Shore is helping me reach my goals by supporting me and helping me advance my career at a pace I need it to. I am able to take smaller steps to feel confident with what I am doing so I can be successful.