Longtime North Shore Employees Retire

Two employees are retiring after a combined total of 75 years of dedication to North Shore Healthcare.

Randolph Health Services Executive Director JoAnn Evans and Randolph Health Director of Nursing Sally Borzick are retiring in May, leaving a lasting mark on long-term healthcare. North Shore Managing Partner David Mills has worked with Evans and Borzick for 20 years, calling them the “gold standards of leaders in our profession.”

JoAnn Evans, left, and Sally Borzick celebrating their retirement at Randolph Health.

“As they enter their much-deserved retirement, they leave having built a legacy of operating with the highest of integrity, great passion, and commitment to always do what is in the best interest of their residents and staff,” he said. “On behalf of all of the residents, staff, and peers who you have impacted over your careers, I wish to send a very heartfelt thank you.”

Borzick grew up in Neshkoro, Wisconsin on a 160-acre family hobby farm with nine siblings. Initially, Borzick wanted to be a veterinarian, but her mother encouraged her to be a nurse, and she found that helping others made her feel “good, proud, and empowered.”  She began her nursing career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), earning her license from Blackhawk Technical College while also caring for her ill grandmother. Borzick earned her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) from Fox Valley Technical College and completed the Associate Degree Nursing program at Madison Area Technical College.

Borzick has worked in various positions throughout the years, including survey management, staff development and nursing, and as an educator for 24 facilities in Wisconsin. She joined Randolph Health Services in 1996, with the last 12 years spent as the Director of Nursing.

“I hoped to display a ‘can-do’ attitude with ‘thinking outside the box’ to accomplish our task at hand,” Borzick said. “Never give up. Our residents need us.”

Originally from Ostego, Wisconsin, JoAnn knew she wanted to be a nurse at 10 years old. She always enjoyed taking care of others, noting it was her “reason for my being, my destiny.” She received her LPN license in 1977 and Registered Nurse (RN) license in 1986, both from Madison Technical College. She received her Health Administration degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Like Borzick, Evans worked in multiple healthcare positions, including as a charge and Medicare nurse, clinical educator, nurse consultant for 17 facilities, and state nurse consultant for six states. She joined the Randolph Health Services team as Executive Director in 2011.

“I have always been very proud to say I work in Randolph, no matter what capacity I was working in,” Evans said. “It is very important to the staff to deliver excellent care and they are proud of their 5-star rating and history of excellent state surveys. They are my family away from home.”

From left: JoAnn Evans, North Shore Healthcare Managing Partner David Mills, John Ley, Sally Borzick, Ron Bingham, North Shore Vice President of Success Jeff Schueller, and Jerry Freese. John, Ron, and Jerry are past Executive Directors who worked with JoAnn and Sally.

Borzick and Evans worked together for many years at various centers, before joining Randolph Health Services. North Shore Vice President of Success Jeff Schueller said they have touched the lives of countless individuals and left a lasting impression beyond the walls of Randolph Health Services and their community.

“They have served as a coach, mentor, teacher, caregiver, friend, mother, and confidant,” Schueller said. “They have the ability to weave their way into the fabric of our lives, and as difficult as it is, make this world a better place. We are truly grateful for being graced by their presence and thank them for all that they have done.”

Evans and Borzick have weathered many storms over the years, with the most challenging being the COVID-19 pandemic. Evans was struck with COVID and on a ventilator for almost nine days. She completed her rehabilitation at Randolph Health Services.

“We found out who our bench strength was,” Evans said of the COVID impact on her team. “Those who worked through COVID knows how fast our whole world can change and the forever imprint it left on all of us.”

As for retirement plans, Borzick will spend time with her husband of nearly 46 years, three daughters, six grandchildren, and seven siblings. They love fishing, swimming, and camping on her family’s lake. Borzick will get more miles on her Harley Davidson Trike and wants to go fly fishing in Canada, preferably on a remote lake with a cabin. Also, she will serve as an educator for a 60-bed assisted living facility, where one of her daughters is currently a nurse.

Borzick said Randolph Health Services was unlike any other healthcare facility she worked in, due to its excellent staff, reputation, and survey history. She encourages her team to always push on, even when a situation seems impossible, and stand up for the residents.

“Nothing is more rewarding than a resident’s smile of appreciation,” she said.

JoAnn with resident Robert.

Evans encourages those in the healthcare field to lead their center like they own it.

“Always take pride in the appearance of your residents, facility, and staff – prepare for company every day,” she said. “Every person that walks into the front door of our facilities are considered company.”

Evans’ retirement includes being with family and friends, surprising her children or grandchildren with a tasty meal, and getting back into her hobbies of gardening, sewing, cooking, and event planning. She wants to take classes on making stain glass, sewing, quilting, master gardening, upholstery, and refinishing furniture.

North Shore Chief Clinical Officer Tina Belongia said Evans and Borzick are leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing and working with them.

“Their legacy of excellence, kindness, and selflessness will forever be woven into the fabric of Randolph Health Services,” she said. “Though they may be retiring from their official roles, their spirits will continue to inspire us each day as we carry forward the values they have instilled in all of us.”

A celebration was held for Evans and Borzick on May 9 at Randolph Health Services and The Dump Bar & Grill in Cambria.