“Gorgeous Grandmas” Featured on Local Coffee Shop’s Menu

Stevens Point Health Services have a “latte” reasons to feel a bit like local celebrities, thanks to a partnership with Zest Bakery and Coffeehouse.

The “Gorgeous Grandma” menu at Zest Bakery offered drinks that matched the personalities of Stevens Point Health Services residents.

Last week, Stevens Point Health female residents were featured on a specialty menu at Zest Bakery in honor of “Gorgeous Grandma Day.” Becky Rossman, Life Enrichment Specialist at Stevens Point Health, approached Zest Bakery about creating the menu for “Gorgeous Grandma Day,” which honors grandmothers and the role elder women play in society on July 23.

“It is important for the residents to feel like they are part of their community,” Rossman said. “Promoting a local small business makes the residents feel like they are doing something to help.”

Zest Bakery owner Brandi Marchant loved the idea and showcased the special menu from July 23-30.  Rossman provided fun facts about six residents and Zest Bakery Manager Jessi Knightly created the menu with the information. Resident Karen’s drink was the “Elvis Superfan” with butter pecan, caramel, and expresso. Resident Lorraine’s drink, named after her favorite phrase, “Be Happy, Honey,” was infused with honey, jasmine, and espresso.

Gorgeous Grandma Lorraine

Marchant said the menu was a hit with customers. The drink that garnered the most interest was the “Llama Mama,” named for resident Ramona and mixed the summer flavors of peach, white espresso, and raspberry. Some of the “gorgeous grandmas” themselves even stopped by to sample the menu too.

“This is something that has been very uplifting in what has been a heavy world,” Marchant said. “This was something that everyone got a huge smile from just thinking about it, specifically because it is so positive and of the way it made us feel. Anything to do something positive and make an impact is worth it.”