From CNA to DON, Bridget Brochu Created Her Path

Nurses Week continues as we also begin to celebrate National Skilled Nursing Care Week. Today we recognize Bridget Brochu, our Director of Nursing at Twin Ports Health Services in Superior, WI. At a young age, Bridget knew she wanted to help make a difference in the world and that nursing would allow her a chance to make that impact. Knowing that her college plan was to go to nursing school, Bridget took the Certified Nursing Assistant class. At the age of 16 she started working for the long-term nursing community currently known as Twin Ports Health Services as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Over the next seven years, Bridget continued to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant while she finished high school, started college and received her Registered Nurse degree. 

When she graduated and passed the boards Bridget was focused on continuing to work in long-term care, specifically in wound care so she left long-term care and start a career in the clinic setting working in wound care. This position taught her the skills and knowledge that she still carries with her today. However, she found out almost instantly that this was not the right move for her, because her passion, heart and soul was in working with the geriatric population. After working six months in wound care, Bridget knew she needed to go back to long term care and went back to working at Twin Ports Health Services as a Registered Nurse. 

Over the next six years, she continued to do the work she loved, growing skills. She had amazing mentors who taught her to believe in herself and who helped her grow in her career. She became a Unit Manager overseeing the Rehab Unit and long term care unit, and then became the Assistant Director of Nursing. She then took the biggest step in her career and become the Director of Nursing.  

Bridget says, “Becoming the Director of Nursing has been the most rewarding part of my career. It has allowed me the opportunity to help grow and mentor future nurses. The team I have the chance to lead, mentor and develop are the most rewarding part of my career. Their commitment to excellent care for the residents inspires me daily. 

“Far too often nurses set a goal of getting a job with the local hospitals, not giving long-term care a second thought. I have found that once they come through the doors and realize that they are doing daily assessments, wound care and putting their skills to the test while also being able to build relationships with residents and their families, they tend to stay.”  

In 2018, Bridget was recognized as the Director of Nursing of the Year as part of North Shore’s North Star Awards.