From an Early Age, She Knew Her Path

From an early age, Laura has always enjoyed helping others, from assisting her fellow classmates with assignments to offering advice to friends going through stress in life. As a young girl, Laura knew that helping people is exactly what she wanted to do in her future career. She says, “I’ve been told throughout my life that I was an old soul and that I have a special gift when it comes to relating to others. I never realized how true that was until I got older. Family, friends, and often strangers feel safe confiding in me. By becoming a social worker, I was able to fulfill my lifelong passion of helping others and being an outlet for those in need.”

Laura came to Lake Mills Health Services in September of 2006. She had just graduated in May of 2006 and was ecstatic to start her first Social Work job. Needless to say, she came and never left! Laura claims, “Lake Mills Health Services became my home the minute I walked through the doors. Instantly, I felt a sense of great pride. Growing up in a small town adjacent to Lake Mills I loved the small-town feel and the engagement the center had with the community. This love and passion that I had allowed me to excel within the center and also become the Admissions Coordinator.” Laura feels she has always been surrounded with a lot of encouragement and support. She has worked with so many fabulous peers, past and current, that have taught her so much and provided her with great guidance.

Laura likes working in long-term care because she has the chance to build a meaningful relationship with not just the resident, but their family. She gets the chance to learn from other people’s experiences. Laura feels that long term care has improved her perspective; little things make people so happy, and she gets the opportunity to work with some of the best, most caring people around.

“If you are looking at getting into long-term care, don’t think twice. Long term care is amazing and rewarding beyond measure. My mom always encouraged me from a young age to follow my dreams and to share my heart with others. Long-term care allows me to do this on a daily basis. The amount of gratitude I feel each and every day is priceless.  Every day might not always be a good day, but there is something good in every day.”