Executive Assistant Creates Her Own Path

In celebration of Administrative Professionals Week, we would like to highlight Martha Roberts, Executive Assistant at North Shore Healthcare. Martha started in healthcare when she was in high school at the age of 17. She worked in dietary at Glen Field Health Care for Beverly Healthcare. At the age of 21, she became a CNA because her grandmother was a CNA and she used to admire how she would get dressed in a crispy white uniform, not a wrinkle in sight. Her grandmother took such pride in her appearance and in how well she took care of her residents.

After four months of being a CNA, she started working in acute care settings where she was an advanced CNA, watching the board of heart monitors in cardiac units, doing IVs while working in the ER, and serving as a HUC ( health unit coordinator). Throughout this time she was attending college for nursing.

After taking a break from school and working as a CNA in hospitals for almost six years, she took a job in a skilled nursing facility in the medical records department. Here she developed relationships with many mentors including Denise Banks, RN and DON and MDS coordinator, Marilyn Fleming RN, who taught her how to exhibit true professionalism and compassion for not only the residents but anyone that comes through the facility’s doors.

From working within a facility, Martha had the opportunity to be an Executive Assistant with North Shore Healthcare and she jumped at the chance to be a part of the team. She had learned that many people she had worked with in the past were part of the new organization, and also that it was led by CEO David Mills. Martha had many small interactions with Mr. Mills in the past. She say, “I am not sure if he even remembers this, but years ago he walked into our building (I was the receptionist at the time), he shook my hand and said ‘Hello Martha, how are you?’ That actually stayed with me because there were people I worked with for years still calling me Marsha!”

Martha created her own path in healthcare and North Shore is blessed and proud to be where her path has led.