A Passion for Nursing in Long-term Care Runs in the Family

“Why did I get into long-term care? I just had a passion for it.” Mindy Meehean started her healthcare career as a CNA, and she found really enjoyed the work. She enjoyed the conversations and laughs she had with her residents; however, she didn’t choose this path randomly.

“My grandmother was a RN for 45 years, all in long-term care, and she even pinned me at my nursing ceremony! I would spend weekends with her visiting the nursing home, her coworkers, and her residents. I would visit the residents and watch the birds with them. I remember watching my grandma sit and sing with the residents. I cherish the memories at that nursing home. My mother is also a nurse and has recently moved her nursing career into long term care within the past 5 years, as well.”

Through the years, Mindy worked as an CAN, LPN, RN, RN Charge Nurse and then she eventually took an interim Director of Nursing position. The interim position led to a permanent DON position, and now Mindy has been a DON for approximately 8 years.  Not only is Mindy a fantastic Director of Nursing in her skilled nursing center, but she sits as the president on the Wisconsin DON council. 

“I have gone to Madison to advocate for CAN’s and long-term care as I am truly passionate about it. I love long-term care. I enjoy the relationships that you build with residents, staff and families. I enjoy the variety of services that we provide to our community from rehab care to long-term/dementia care to hospice care. Long-term care is a career where you have to be an expert in a variety of skills and truly are a Jack-of-all-trades.”

To anyone considering a career in healthcare, Mindy highly suggests that they try long-term care.

“I never thought I would find my home in nursing in long-term care, but I have for the last 12 years. I could never imagine doing anything else. This is where my heart and soul are.”